About Us

” We As Agm Special lead the way of developing of the jeans sewing machines automation industry powered by our deep roots. “



Agm Special is a leading global automated sewing machines manufacturer for jeans trousers manufacturing industry and that offers clean, connected, affordable and safe sewing automation solutions.

Our Company’s strength lies in the breadth of our iconic brand portfolio, the diversity and passion of our people, and our deep roots in the communities in which we operate.

Our ambitious desinging of the sewing automation strategies and the creation of an innovative research and development, game-changing partnerships are driving our transformation to a sustainable sewing automation tech company.

It is the energy, passion and diversity of our people and brands that power us to do great things, exceeding expectations and setting the highest standards for our future.

With sales,after sales and industrial operations in nearly 3 continental, Agm Special has the ability to consistently exceed the evolving needs and expectations of consumers in more than 15+ countries, while creating superior value for all stakeholders.

Behind every brand, behind every product there is a team of talented people who make it possible. We are coming together with some of the most iconic tech brands in the world, with some of the greatest products and technologies on the market. Our strength lies in the rich backgrounds, passions and experiences of our employees from all around the world.

Agm Special is the place where you can make a difference. Our diverse and innovative team will play an integral role in creating a new leader for the next era of sewing automation industry. We are easier the lives of thousands of jeans manufacturer and machine operator from all over the world through sustainable experiences that meet customers’ new expectations. It’s through committed people who are open, courageous and have a competitive spirit that we will continue our pursuit of greatness.

In this new era , our company is uniquely positioned to offer innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers, as they embrace productuvitiy.

Founded by visionaries who infused them with passion and competitive spirit, our brand offer a full spectrum of choice from all type of waistband attaching/sewing machines for jeans to feed off the arm sewing machines for jeans and double head surging/sewing automats for jeans.

We are proudly a Turkish Brand

A fully automated sewing machine manufacturer that steers the market with its innovative investments

We Are Customer Centric

The customer is at the center of everything we do

We Win Together

Powerful energy comes from winning together and harnessing the diversity that is one of our core strengths

We Are Agile, Innovative, Professional & Technologic

Agility and innovation that constantly move the limits of the possible

We Care For The Future

A collective pledge to make a positive difference not only for our company, but for all our people, our communities and our planet